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Corazonsalvajeenglishsubtitles [2022]

Corazon Salvaje (1993) 9/10 Stars If you're a fan of the original 1993 version of Corazón . You'll LOVE the new 2007 version, for all the reasons the first one was GREAT. - In a show like Corazón, it makes the most sense to add new twists to the storyline in each version. For those who saw the original (or maybe even just the English version), you will see the changes, but if you watched the Spanish version you'll see something entirely different. Here are some of the differences: - If you've seen the original Corazón, you know that when Edna was rescued, she had her eye removed, but her life was not in danger. Now, in the new version, she actually lost her eye. Also, she has a scar on her face. - In the first version, when Adan and Emily's relationship ended, Adan decided to get back with her again. In the new version, this never happened. - In the new version, there is a young woman named Laura (who played Joanne in the original) who is a huge fan of the series and who Adan now thinks is "his first love". She is portrayed as a "bad girl" type. - There is a flashback in the new version that explains why Edna wasn't able to have children. They were given away as "bastard" children (meaning that she'd had an affair). - In the original version, when Adan and Emily broke up, he was not going to be with anyone else. Now, Adan has a girlfriend and they're married. - In the original version, when you see Adan with the blood-covered shirt, he was about to find out about his mother's death. In the new version, he's mourning his wife who just died in an auto accident. There are probably more differences, but I think you get the point. The main focus of the 2007 version is "Adan" and "Laura". Does anyone know how the actress that played Joanne moved on? I know she's married but I can't recall her name. I watched the first two seasons on hulu, but I wanted to watch the third season, which I don't think is on Hulu anymore. I've only watched a few episodes, but I can't stand how they edited the show. I feel like they've made ac619d1d87

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